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16 Day till World Chess Championships Match! Carlsen vs Karjakin


I am looking forward to the WCC WorldChess match between Magnus Carlsen and Serjey Karjakin.

It looks like Serjey is big on 1. e4, much like Bobby Fischer. Source: http://www.chessgames.com/player/sergey_karjakin.html

Magnus Carlsen is a formidable player with nearly always the highest elo worldwide, http://chess-db.com/public/pinfo.jsp?id=1503014

Magnus boasts an incredible 2853 elo (subject to change), while Serjey Carjakin falls short of 2800 by a mere 28 points at 2772. Source: http://www.chessgames.com/player/sergey_karjakin.html

With the white pieces, Serjey has most of his games as e4 against either the Sicilian or the Ruy Lopez, and it looks like Carlsen is a good match because as black he plays the Sicilian and the Ruy Lopez (aka the Spanish opening).To be honest I am a fan of both of those openings.

Seeing as Serjey is an almost exclusive e4 player (as move one), I would suggest that Carlsen’s best bet will be his Nimzo-Indian, and queen pawns game aka 1. d4!.

Here is one of Carlsen’s better games as white with 1. d4


Usually developing the c1 bishop to f4 right away, it will be nice to see how Serjey plays against this

Magnus Carlsen games recent/2016.


To be honest, I don’t find the bishop d4 method very inspiring, it is as if he is trying to play it safe, just short of putting a condom over his king, along with c3, and e3 it’s really solid but quite boring for early tactics. But if playing it safe works then by all means stick with it. Except that no chess opening is safe!!!

The good news is that neither players are closed position players so we will see some fireworks, maybe on and off the board (IE chess drama).

Serjey is quite a good attacking player,


Hopefully he will have the stamina for the match to keep up with Carlsen.


Serjey Karjakin became a master at 11 years 11 months old. Karjakin achieved 2 GM norms in 2002 and has been acheiving ever since, Serjey is only 26 years of age so naturally Carlsen will have more experience behind his belt.