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Bobby Fischer Opening, Kings gambit accepted with Bc4

If you want to catch your opponent off guard on chess opening theory, the best way I can think of is the King’s Gambit, this is the most daring defense, where your opponent is likely to lack opening theory or experience on since most white players prefer the safe king and queen pawn openings such as the Ruy Lopez, 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 or even classical Bc4, or the Sicilian played by greats as Taimanov, Karpov, Korchnoi and such, even back to the time of Paul Morphy. or to play the solid Queen pawn openings with Nf6 and c4.

One of the ways Bobby played the Kings gambit was to give away the f4 pawn and then develope the bishop throwing usual understanding of king safety out the window, sometimes giving up castling and giving his opponents a daring yet masterful game.

Example, 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Bc4 Qh4+ Kf1!?

Jrobi helps to explain;

Some chess book I have owned


From left to right, Yuri AverbakhChess Tactics for Advanced Players, William Lombardy-Modern Chess Opening Traps, Emmanuel Lasker-Common Sense in Chess and Bobby Fischer Teaches chess.

I have read Emmanuel Lasker’s book, Common Sense in Chess and Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. William Lombardy, Modern Chess Opening Traps is hard to play through becuase it is in the Classical Chess notation and not in the easier to use Algebraic.

Yuri Averbakh, Chess Tactics for advanced Players is a really hearty read and is full of harty chess problems/tactics even going into end game motifs that boggle the mind. It is for more experienced players and is easy to follow and is in algebraic notation. I like all of these books except I’d rather have William Lombardy-Modern Chess Opening traps in algebraic and with more illustrations. But nonetheless a good read. Incidentally, William Lombardy was called upon to help Bobby Fischer with his match with Boris Spassky.

Chess is solved!!

Chess is solved – more or less, was the general consensus, between me and some of the top kibitzers on FICS (freechess . org aka Free Internet Chess Server). ~2009.

Theory and bok openings and end game knowledge and AI all in computer chess have made chess a computers game, and not as much a human game anymore, many times, when doing a post mortem on the greats such as Topalov or non Russian players, we humans can’t possibly have as much chess knowledge as a quality home PC with Stockfish and endgame databases, and it shows, more or less.

The greatest human players are no longer on the same level as the greatest chess computers!

Although in reality chess isn’t solved the games between top computer programs start looking repetitive in the openings the the way they play as observed by me and a few pals back on an old chess server from years ago..

Book; Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess


Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess, is in my opinion a must have book for EVERY begginer,. It teaches the most basic and essential understandings in chess starting with Checkmate and ending with checkmate and tactical shots that win material, using concepts as batteries and other very essential manuevers/tactics.

A must read for old timers as well.

This book was not personally written by Bobby Fischer but did have his stamp of approval.

Tactical Shot #1